Cosmetic Tattoo by Rosalie


A cosmetic tattoo will enhance your facial features with make-up that won't run or wash off;   and is a long lasting, natural looking, self-esteem boosting, timing saving investment in yourself.

Wake up made-up. You know you deserve it.

Rosalie Pech

0411 199 947

    • Eyebrows
         powder, feathered,
          ombre, feather stroke,
          hair stroke, combination
          - no microblading, all
          done with digital machine
          - no scarring!
          - superior results
    • Eyeliner
         lash enhancement,
          thin, thick, smudged,
          guy-liner for men 
    • Lips
         full lip, lip blend, 
          lip line 
    • Micro Body Tattoos      (fine line / petite)
           small discreet designs
    • Scar Camouflage
         camouflage white scars
          from surgery or accident 
    • Beauty Spots
    • Nipple and Areola
         post mastectomy, or
         breast enhancements 
    • Scar Relaxation
         to soften and smooth   
          out raised scars
    • Lighten / Fade /
           Remove Tattoos
         for improving unwanted
         eyebrows, lip lines, 
         radiation tattoo dots 
    • Hair Follicle
         to simulate hair in bald
         spots, or over scars 
    • Tatt2Away:
          Tattoo Vanish:
          without laser
           FADE or REMOVE 
           for body tattoo and
           cosmetic tattoos

Need more information about what the difference is between powder brow, ombre brow, feathering, micro-blading, or any other terms you've heard? Please contact me, I'm more than happy to explain the differences, and find the right type of brow for you! 

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  • What We Do

Welcome to our web-page. Thank you for dropping by

We hope you find this site useful and informative.

Rosalie is a Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist, with 16 years experience, having initially trained in Australia with Val Glover-Hovan in 2005. Rosalie has continued with her training both in Australia and internationally, and practices as an Advanced Practitioner. She uses the Amiea Linelle Supreme, a digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine. This machine is designed to deliver the most reliable, high precision results. The advantages to you, as the client, are much more accurate treatments, which are less invasive, faster, and the healing period is dramatically reduced. Once you've had a treatment with this machine, you won't ever want to have a treatment with a rotary machine, or the microblading hand tool again. Less bleeding and less trauma delivers superior, longer lasting results.

Based in Rozelle, in the Inner West area of Sydney, NSW, Rosalie is a Cosmetic Tattoo Specialist offering high-quality, long lasting Cosmetic Tattoo, Para-Medical Tattoo and small body tattoo treatments. Also known as Permanent Make-up, or Micro-pigmentation, a Cosmetic Tattoo is a semi-permanent implant of colour into the dermis (under the skin), and used to enhance facial features, specifically eyebrows, eyeliner, lipline, and can also include beauty spots, and para-medical reconstructive tattoos.

And if you've always wanted a body tattoo, but are too scared, Rosalie also offers a fine line or micro body tattoo service. Micro tattoos are smaller, finer, and easy to hide!

Rosalie also offers laser-free tattoo removal treatments. Safer and usually faster than laser removal, extracting the pigment from the skin via eschars (scabs), rather than through your blood and lymphatic system. These treatments can make your tattoo vanish, or create a better canvas to place your new artwork!

Rosalie travels to several locations regularly, and appointments are often booked up several months in advance.
Coffs Harbour (NSW) @ Beauty on The Promenade
Melbourne CBD (Vic)  in Alfred Place, near the Stamford
Rozelle (NSW) @ Darling Street Depot

Wake up Made-up. You know you deserve it!

@ 3 August 2021.
The happiness of being able to resume business in March 2021, has been shot to pieces, with being shut down again in July 2021. Having only got part way through the Waiting List from 2020, this news is devastating. To both myself and every one of my wonderful clients. 

All treatments have been suspended until further notice in ALL locations. . 

As the situation in Sydney unfolds, it's looking highly unlikely that there will be a resumption before mid-September. Until there is a green light to proceed, I am again adding to the Waiting List, and will contact you when I can confidently offer dates to rebook all deferred, and new appointments. 

Stay safe everyone!

Upcoming Treatment Dates for each location:
Please note that a booking fee is required for all treatments. 
• Booking fees are transferable but are non refundable.
  Your appointment time can be changed twice,
  within 3 months of your original booking. 
• Appointments can be changed up to 3 business days before
  your scheduled appointment time. 
• Should you need to reschedule your appointment with less
  than 3 business days notice, you will be required to pay an
  additional booking fee.
• Exceptions will be made in the event of an emergency with
  adequate documentation.

..... please ring to make an appointment,
      or, if fully booked, to be placed on the waiting list,
      in the event of a cancellation.

Melbourne - CBD, Victoria 
Venue: Dr.Face, Level 3, 7 Alfred Place

Next dates, SUSPENDED, until after Sydney lockdown
• Tuesday 31 August - to be rescheduled
• Wednesday 1 September - to be rescheduled


Coffs Harbour, Mid North Coast NSW
Venue: Beauty on The Promenade, 321 Harbour Drive

Next dates, tentatively - SUSPENDED
Tuesday 18 August - to be rescheduled
Wednesday 19 August - to be rescheduled


Rozelle, Sydney Inner West NSW
Venue: Darling Street Depot, 650 Darling Street

ALL Appointments SUSPENDED until after Sydney lockdown

• Wednesday and Thursday — 
    Earliest appt 10:00am
    Latest appt 4:30pm
by appointment only


Rosalie completed training with the highly advanced Digital Cosmetic Tattoo Machine in November 2010. Refer to the website link of the Diploma presentation ...

  • Where We Are
  • Where ...
         ROZELLE (NSW)
         @ 650 Darling St 
        - Wednesdays, Thursdays

      - Tuesday, Wednesday,
      and Thursdays
      every 6 to 8 weeks

       - Tuesdays and
       every 6 to 8 weeks

  • When ...
         By Appointment Only
         $100 booking fee required for
          all treatments
  • Qualifications ...

    "Award of Excellence" ...
    in 2009 certifying Rosalie as
    achieving The Highest Level
    of Advanced Cosmetic
    Tattoo Practitioner

    Trained Feb - May 2005
    with Val Glover-Hovan

    Advanced Specialist
    Training August 2009

    Certified Tattoo Vanish
    Practitioner May 2009

    Advanced Training with
    Dermace, UK July 2010

    Digital Cosmetic Tattoo
    machine Diploma Nov2010

    Advanced Training for
    3D Areola and Nipples, and
    Eyebrow Hairstrokes
    July 2011

    APAN Gold Member
    Cosmetic Tattoo Professional

    Certified Tatt2Away
    Practitioner July 2011

    Certified participant at the
    first Permanent International
    Congress BERLIN 2-3Nov12

    Certified participant at the
    "Laboratory for Success"
    International Advanced 
    Training AMSTERDAM
    8-9 November 2013, with
    Anna Savina and
    Anna Zabolotnaya

    Proudly an APAN CTARP
    member ... Government 
    recognised highest level
    cosmetic tattoo technician;
    Helping lead the change to 
    Regulation of the Cosmetic
    Tattoo Industry

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